Shipping + Barge Services To and From Alaska


For the past 20 years SeaTac Marine Services has been moving cargo from Seattle to Alaska and locations all along the Pacific Rim.

We specialize in efficient, cost effective and safe operations.

As a full service transportation company, we work with you to find a comprehensive and effective way to move, haul and ship your cargo. From odd-shaped and oversized items, to bulk commodities, lumber and aggregates we have the hands on experience that you need. 

Our steel deck barges have capacities of up to 11,000 tons, are ABS classed and Jones Act compliant. With our seasoned team of in-house stevedores, we can handle and transport a wide variety of goods and commodities. Products and materials of all kinds can be received direct to our facility via truck, rail and vessel. We work with you to address your specific needs including delivery to a distribution center, plant or specific job site.