SeaTac Marine Terminal Services lnclude: 

Heavy Lift and Oversized Cargoes

From mining trucks and locomotives to transformers and cranes, our seasoned in-house stevedores can safely and efficiently move your oversized cargo, receiving it direct to our facility via truck rail or vessel. We have heavy lift crane service, ramps and all sizes of forklifts available.

Bulk & Break Bulk Cargo

Bulk and Break Bulk cargoes come in all shapes, sizes and quantities. We have experience with aggregates, mining support products, dimensional lumber, construction materials and much more. We efficiently stack and pack each and every unit to maximize space, load and utility which means a cost effective bottom line back to your customers. 

Environmental Products & Waste

We are qualified and experienced in handling various kinds waste including general refuse, scrap and recyclables. This includes hazardous waste and contaminated soils as well as construction and demolition debris. Our crew puts safety first when dealing with any kind of dangerous or hazardous materials. 

US Government Freights

Long term and line-haul shipping agreements are one of our specialties. Our staff is well versed with the detail needed and regulatory requirements that come with government contracting. We are well equipped to transport and manage all kinds of US government cargo.

Fish & Fisheries Support

From unloading fish at our terminal to trucking it to its destination, we can handle all types of seafood products and fisheries support materials. Our specialized support building, with multiple truck bays, can be used to aid in transport and trucking of seafood products.